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Benefits Of Stand-Alone Printers

Benefits Of Stand-Alone Printers

Posted By on Sep 21, 2017

Ahmed Bahar

Even if you have only carried out a small amount of research, you will have discovered that the office printer market is full to bursting with different varieties and features. Knowing what to choose will require a good evaluation of your business printing needs, both now and projected for the future. Essentially you have stand-alone or multifunction printers, with inkjet or laser jet varieties with companies like

Stand-alone office printer choices

Here we are going to focus on the stand-alone printer, a stalwart of the print industry, but which may have been overlooked in recent years with the drive towards multifunction capability. Many businesses would greatly benefit from buying or leasing a stand-alone machine, and with all of the UKs leading manufacturers, such as HP, Kyocera and Canon, producing high quality and affordable office printers, now is the time to reevaluate and look at the benefits with The most important choice you have is between stand-alone or multifunction business printers. Once you have decided on this you can look further into inkjet verses laser printing, whether you would prefer a wireless printer and what features are essential, such as duplex printing or paper size compatibility.

Advantages of these printers for office use

This type of business printer should be the central powerhouse for all your office printing needs:

  • Costs work out far less per sheet, both for mono and colour printing.
  • Unrivalled black and white print speeds.
  • These office printers really excel in producing high resolution printing at optimum speeds. Many machines will have the option of printing at different resolutions, so simple black and white documents can be printed at the very fastest ppm. Want high resolution full colour printing? You can have that as well, with only a small drop in ppm.
  • Robust and durable. If you buy a stand-alone device you can rest assured that it will stand up to even the toughest office environment.
  • Printer can be used just for its purpose, printing. This means that employees won’t hold up important print jobs with scanning, fax etc.
  • Print in different sizes, alignments and paper thicknesses.
  • Set your office printer to complete binding and sorting tasks.
  • Large paper capacity (with multiple trays) saves on constant refilling and the hassle of paused print jobs.

So for the best quality printing and the speediest turnaround times, consider these printing devices to revolutionise your printing operations with


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Printers are the quiet saviours in any office. Often, it is easy to underestimate the impact that a printer has on the everyday capability of workers. Multifunction printers from incorporate multiple products into one, combining a printer, photocopier and scanner along with faxing and emailing capabilities. They free up space which would otherwise be occupied by multiple machines, scanners and printers, and give you more room in the office for your workforce to do their job.

When properly utilised, multifunction printers can maximise efficiency, cut costs and boost overall productivity across all staff members. Not only this, but a properly utilised printer saves your business money and helps to increase profits. To find out how to make the most of your multifunction printer follow our 4 helpful tips below. 

Make the most of Scanning Features

You may be familiar with the basic tasks that your multifunction printer can perform, such as printing and copying, but many do not know the power behind scanning and could be missing out on a whole range of features that will increase your work productivity.

Learn the features that your multifunction printer has and use them wisely. Multifunction printers with automatic document feeders (ADF) can speed up the process of scanning or copying multiple pages of text by feeding each document into the scanner automatically. Instead of copying each page individually, staff can switch their attention to something else.

Scanning documents can also help to reduce the amount of paperwork and create a paper-free document storage system. Less clutter on desks not only increases space in the office, it also makes workspaces more pleasant to be in. Clear desks equal clearer minds, which means better work from your staff!

Tailor your settings to your business

It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to make the most of your multifunction printer is to customise the settings so they are personalised to your business. Users can save money on ink by using the most basic settings on the printer, and can save paper by setting the printer to print automatically on each side of a sheet of paper. Whether you need extra security to protect your document data, differing printer speeds, eco-friendly printing settings or priority printing, many multifunction printers offer a host of extra settings to ensure that they perform exactly how you want them to. Whatever your business needs, by tailoring your printers settings to work exactly how you need them to, you will start to increase productivity instantly.

Embrace wireless printing

Wireless printing is an incredibly convenient feature for businesses, as it allows staff members to print from anywhere in an office. Staff members are not tied to their desks, and they no longer have to be in one location to be able to print documents from their machines. It also removes unsightly tangled cables from running across the entire office.

Some multifunction printers even offer mobile printing, which allows staff to print from any device while they are connected to the printer. Not only does this eliminate the need to transfer files from mobile to desktop before printing, and therefore saving time, it is also easy for staff members who work away from their desks or are often in meetings.

Show your printer some love by keeping it clean

Treat your printer like you would any other device you use during your work day. It requires the same amount of care and attention as your computer or your mobile phone when it comes to preserving its performance. To make your multifunction printer last, it is important that you maintain them to a high standard. This includes keeping the printers dust free, cleaning the scanner glass properly, and checking ink and toner levels.

Cleaning your printer is simple and beneficial in the long run – a lint free cleaning cloth and glass cleaner can make a huge different to your printers performance. Not only does this allow you to get your money’s worth from the machines and ensures continued high quality printing and scanning, it also helps to avoid unexpected breakdowns and errors with the machine.

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Purchasing or leasing an office printer has it pros and cons. In today’s commercial printing market, most machines also include commercial copiers with and scanning features. In order to know which direction is appropriate, looking at the variables of each will help you decide which option is best for your business. After you choose the appropriate course of action, it is recommended the contract includes maintenance and toner services.

Leasing a commercial printer with can be done at a low monthly cost. Also, there is the option to replace the printer with new equipment after a certain amount of time. In addition to having no ownership, other cons are an extended lease period and limited customization options. Owners of commercial printers get to have instant ownership and are not locked in for an extended period of time. Some undesirable drawbacks to owning a commercial printer include the high cost of investment and rapid pace at which the equipment becomes outdated. Next, ask yourself the following questions about whether purchasing or leasing is best. Has your company been in business for a long time? New businesses are often subject to a strict credit approval process. Any business that has been established for less than three years, will most likely need to provide a personal guarantee to be approved for a lease. If the above information is applicable, consider purchasing a refurbished printer at an affordable cost. Once your business is more established, you can always upgrade your equipment and lease a top-of-the-line printer.

What are your printing requirements? If printing at a high volume isn’t necessary, then you may benefit from purchasing a low-cost basic office printer. Commercial printers are built to last a long time. Considering commercial printer lease terms are three to four years, businesses with low-volume printing needs often purchase a printer that will last a good six or seven years. On the contrary, businesses that rely on regular printing should lease a machine and upgrade at the end of the lease. An office that relies on high-volume printing to stay in business, should lease a commercial office printer.

Do you know how much you want to invest in a printer? Large commercial printers are often very expensive. An office with a limited budget will want to lease a printer or copier service. Most businesses don’t need to spend more than a few hundred dollars a month, to lease a printer that gets the job done. Think about it this way:

Leasing a commercial printer will only cost you a few hundred dollars, and will be a much better quality printer than one which will cost thousands of dollars.


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Although ubiquitous in companies around the world, photocopiers are not one and the same. They may fulfill more or less the same task, yet it is important to assess your needs and get proper information to find a model which will match your expectations and at the same time be simple enough to operate. Besides, when you intend to buy a photocopier from, it’s also crucial to consider other options such as renting or leasing, to make sure you get the best service at the right price. Most modern photocopiers are nowadays preferably referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs), as they’re able to carry out a wide range of tasks. There are so many different levels of sophistication that taking certain key notions into account is vital to improve your business efficiency when you buy a photocopier.

Ink-jet or laser?

Choosing laser or ink-jet technology depends on your volume requirements. When the price per page is an important consideration, laser machines are at the high end of the price range but are still the optimal option as they are well-adapted to large volumes of copies. When low volume colour documents are required, ink-jet MFPs are the best choice, even if the ink they use is more expensive than toner for laser printers.

Print quality and speed

Speed is generally the most important feature for many businesses. Typically, mid-range machines will provide speeds of between 25 and 50 pages per minute for A4 paper. For companies which need mostly black and white copies, some models are faster in that mode than in colour. Print quality, or resolution, is also an important issue. Most machines offer resolution in the 600-1200 dpi range, which is perfect for internal use or simple flyers and user manuals. For high quality brochures and marketing material, you may need to buy a photocopier able to reach 2400 dpi.


Manufacturers have taken steps to make their products as user-friendly as possible, and even offer on-site training sessions and hotlines. Network capabilities are essential in most modern offices, to integrate your MFP in the company’s infrastructure. Paper capacity must be carefully considered when you buy a photocopier. Needing to refill the paper tray too often may have an adverse effect on your workflow. High-capacity or multiple paper trays for different paper weights or types will ensure your printer is always ready. Likewise, a variety of finishing tools such as staplers or document folders.


Assessing your needs to pinpoint your budget is of paramount importance, as prices range from £100 to more than £17,000. However, there’s more than just the capital cost to consider, as on the long run the price per page, depending on your printing volume, will represent most of your expenses.

According to your needs and the volume of documents you need to process, permanent purchase may not be the best option. Second hand machines or buying online may also be interesting ways to save money.

Buying a photocopier online

When you want to buy a photocopier, going online is always a good idea, to compare prices, understand the various models’ specificities and benefit from cheaper prices thanks to cheaper overheads. You’ll easily find retailers specializing in monochrome, multifunction or colour photocopiers for instance. You will also be able to negotiate good service rates.

Renting and leasing

Lease purchase or rental will allow you to spread the cost of your photocopier from over several monthly fees, while guaranteeing your peace of mind as servicing and maintenance are often included in rental or lease contracts. That way, you’ll pay the best price for all your copying needs.


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A broken lock or lost keys are problems that can be fixed with the help of hiring a professional locksmith service. If you are searching for a locksmith to hire, then you first had better make sure that you the locksmith that you will hire have some of the qualities listed below. And if you do hire the services of a professional locksmith with the following qualities, then you will have assurance that they will do a proper job of fixing or replacing your old broken locks.



A professional locksmith has to be fast in many ways. And there are two ways that professional locksmiths have to be fast it, which are the speed of their work and how fast they arrive. You will want to hire a professional locksmith that arrives punctually on the agreed upon time, and you also have to make sure that they do not keep you waiting. You will also want to hire the services of a company that can work fast, so your problem, such as being locked out of your flat or house, can be solved much faster.



Try to hire a professional locksmith service that also acts the way that they advertise. It is important to do so because you can have a better assurance, which they will do the job right and properly too. And you can find locksmiths that conduct themselves professionally, on



Hiring a professional locksmith company with a good reputation is always a better idea. So you should check on the reputation of a company before you hire them, you can do this by reading reviews, from previous customers, about the company.


And of course, you should hire a company that charges fair prices. A professional locksmith company should offer free quotations. You will want to get the best value for your money, so try to hire a professional locksmith that is affordable and budget-friendly.



The locksmiths that you are going to hire must be respectable and polite. After all, they are coming to work in your house, so you have to be treated with respect. One way to check for the politeness of a locksmith before they come to your home is to call their customer service number. You can chat with their customer service to get a better gauge of the politeness of a locksmith’s company. After all, if the customer service of a locksmith company is abysmal, how much worse could their actual locksmiths be?


These are just some of the qualities that you have to look for when you are searching for a professional locksmith to hire. It is important that you look for these qualities in a locksmith, especially if you want to get good service for what you pay for. So whenever you are on the hunt for a particular locksmith, be sure that the potential locksmiths that you are looking at will have at least some of the qualities that are listed here.

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