Is Music Quality Sacrificed Using Bluetooth?

Posted By on Oct 3, 2016 |

Bluetooth is already a standard when it comes to wireless communication between devices. One such device is the Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earphone. At, consultation of such devices is available. You can ask about Bluetooth speaker connection and most of all Bluetooth earphone connection. You may be asking right now, is music quality sacrificed when you play via Bluetooth? The answer is a maybe. There are many factors involved in playing your music and transmitting it via Bluetooth and then reproducing the music. Your music may have poor quality and transmission may have interference. If this happens, you will not get good quality music.

handsfree-1267605__180It depends on How Music was Saved

How your music was recorded and how you saved it will affect how you will hear it. Music reproduction is only as good as how music was saved. Most music is now saved in mp3 format. Some still use the AAC and another format, and most music players can read different music formats. Well, recorded music has a specific bit-per-second minimum. If you save it in a different bit-per-second, you can still play and listen but certain frequencies get lost or a minimized. This is one reason why you cannot hear instruments in one recording and hear it in another recording. Saving your music affects playback and if you play via Bluetooth.

It depends on How Music is Transmitted

Music transmission also affects music reproduction. In the case of Bluetooth devices, there are different versions of Bluetooth in use. If there is incompatibility, then your sound reproduction may be compromised. One other area of concern is frequency disruption. In some cases, the signal can be disrupted or distorted by electrical devices or other types of communication devices that use a frequency modulation on the same level. Although this is the exception rather than the rule, this can happen, and music transmission is distorted.

speaker-73185__180It depends on How Music is Received and Played Back

The starting point is music recording and saving. The next point is how music is received on the Bluetooth earphone and how sound is now reproduced. Only high-quality earphones can receive and reproduce good quality music. There are hundreds of Bluetooth earphones on the market, but not all can be trusted. You need to know the manufacturer and the supplier first. Otherwise, you will just be throwing your money away. The earphone may be of poor quality and may break down in a short time. With the Bluetooth earphone market increasing due to the rise in smartphone sales, many earphone makers have made Bluetooth versions.

While it seldom happens, there is that possibility that music quality is sacrificed when using Bluetooth earphones. The fault may not be in branded Bluetooth earphone but some other factors in the wireless connectivity area. Wireless transmission is complicated, and it can be distorted or distracted by several factors. Connectivity issues with the player and the earphone can also come into play. Make sure that you have no compatibility issues before you buy your branded Bluetooth earphone.