Should You Use Digital Business Cards?

Posted By on Nov 25, 2016 |

Is it worth debating that people should just go with digital business cards these days? It depends whether or not it is useful to the individual. Some think that digital business cards will replace the traditional business card one day, but experts think that digital business cards can never beat the classics, and this is true. Take a look at a digital painting and drawing – while it has remained popular, the old classic way of drawing and painting remains. In fact, it has emerged and gained its popularity again.


But before you make your judgment, here are some things that you need to learn about digital business cards.


Benefits of Digital Business Cards

First, take a look at the sample business cards offered at In there, you will find how digital business cards are exchanged. As long as you have a mobile phone with you, which most business owners and individuals with company positions have, you can exchange your contact information easily. You can send your digital business card anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.


There are various mobile apps that support digital business cards. The most popular ones right now are Handshake, One Card and SnapDat. These smartphone apps allow users to share their digital business cards with other users. It doesn’t matter who they are, as long as you get to make a connection with them. You get to personalize your digital business cards, too. With just the use of your username, you can send your contact information right away. There are web-based business cards that can aid in maximizing your reach online and get more opportunities from it. Aside from digital business cards, you can also make use of the nameplate websites like the icon.Me,, and These sites allow your visitors to know more about you and your business. They will also learn how they can make a connection with you and take a look at your best work.



However, digital business cards have its set of drawbacks. These digital business cards can be created using the apps that are designed for such purposes. However, most of these apps can only share its digital business cards with similar apps. There are even apps which are only made available on a single platform, such as for iOS or Android. This means that you need to have the same app as the other party if you wish to exchange digital business cards. You will also need to check out whether or not the app that they use allow different platforms to exchange digital business cards.


Because of this, many individuals opt to go with both ways – carry the traditional business cards and at the same time have your digital business cards ready for exchange. You can’t avoid the fact that there are business people out there that still prefer the traditional way of exchanging business cards. So with both of these ways ready, you won’t miss an opportunity in making new connections.